Top 10 Free Credit Card Readers

#1 Intuit QB Payments

Intuit QB Payments allows secure certified payment processing on iPhone, iPad, Android, and tablet devices.
Intuit QuickBooks Payments free credit card reader module.
  • No contract to sign-up
  • 1.7% transaction rate
  • Customized receipts
  • Synchronize with QB
  • Pay as you go options or monthly rate
  • Get a free credit card reader
  • Reduces high-risk credit card processing

Intuit QuickBooks Payments received the #1 rank on Top 10 Product Reviews for the wide range of functionality, low transaction rate, and no sign-up cost. QB Payments is inclusive with Intuit merchant service and allows you to complete certified payment processing anywhere you go. Small business owners and individuals interested in making sales can benefit from the intelligent features within the QB Payments app. Customized logos and invoices are sent to customers via e-mail after every transaction. Also, Intuit reduces the possibility of high-risk merchant processing by ensuring the payment is authorized and approved while your device is online. EMV card chip functionality is built into the free credit card reader module. Merchants using EMV enabled card readers can operate at the latest standards of certified payment processing. Get your free credit card reader from Intuit at no cost or obligation.

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When compared directly with our #3 ranked competitor, you can see there are subtle differences between Intuit’s free credit card reader and Square. Since GoPayment has been upgraded to QB Payments there is even more functionality such as EMV smart chip reading.

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#2 Amazon Local Register

Amazon local register is a decent credit card reader service for small volume.
Amazon local register free credit card reader.
  • 2.5% transaction rate
  • $10 sign-up credit
  • Great customer support
  • Next-day deposits to your bank

Amazon Local Register is a great credit card processing service for small businesses that accept small volumes. Larger volumes of credit card processing will cause business owners to lose money with high transaction rates.

#3 Square

Square credit card reader is ranked #2 against the other competitors.
Square free credit card reader module offers pay as you go.
  • Process credit payments offline
  • 2.75% transaction rate
  • High-risk credit card processing

Individuals interested in processing credit card payments offline can benefit from Square. However, payments are authorized later after an online connection is established. This puts the merchant at a greater risk of fraud. The pay as you go plans with Square allow small business owners to process credit card payments for 2.75% each transaction. Sign up for merchant service through square and begin accepting credit payments.

#4 Paypal Here

The Paypal credit card reader allows certified payment processing.
Paypal free credit card reader device.
  • 2.7% transaction rate
  • 3.5%+$0.15 keyed transactions
  • 1% cross-border fee
  • No contract
  • Good customer support

Paypal offers great customer support and fast approval to new customers. The high transaction rate and additional fees for cross-border transaction rank the Paypal credit card reader down. When compared to the other credit card reader services the transaction fees add up. Small business owners and individuals are able to transfer funds into their bank quickly through Paypal’s online interface which is beneficial. Those who don’t mind paying additional transaction rates for a small amount of added features.

#5 Flagship RoamPay

Flagship RoamPay credit card readers allow certified payment process.
Flagship RoamPay credit card reader module.
  • Low approval rate
  • Variable transaction rate
  • Individual quotes per company

Flagship Roampay offers unique merchant services for each company that signs-up. This is a downfall for those interested in processing credit card payments immediately. However, this can be a benefit to small business owners and individuals who are interested in processing a high volume of credit card transactions each month.

#6 PayAnywhere

PayAnywhere is a great credit card reader for small volume certified payment processing.
PayAnywhere credit card reader module.
  • 2.69% transaction rate
  • Free card reader
  • No contract or sign-up fees

PayAnywhere is a great way to process credit card payments for 2.69% per transaction. Small business owners and individuals that are interested in processing a small volume of credit card transactions can do so with PayAnywhere. The limited functionality to customize the user interface within the app isn’t full compensated by the ability to create unlimited users. However, those interested in processing credit card payments as an organization with multiple users can benefit from PayAnywhere.

#7 Payment Jack

Payment Jack by Total Merchant Services is a method of certified payment processing.
Payment Jack by Total Merchant Services.
  • Simple user interface
  • Variable transaction rates
  • Real-time authorization

Payment Jack offered by Total Merchant Services is an alternative way to process credit card payments. All features incorporated into Payment Jack are predominantly done before with little to no innovation. Those interested in an alternative to the main competitors offering free credit card readers can benefit from Total Merchant Services.

#8 EMS+

EMS+ is a way to process credit card payments on the go.
EMS+ free credit card readers come in different colors.
  • 2.25% transaction rate
  • No monthly fees
  • No sign-up costs
  • 24/7 support

The EMS+ free credit card reader offers certified payment processing for a 2.25% transaction rate. The card reader modules come in a range of different colors to match your device or color preference. Overall, small business owners who don’t mind paying 2.25% per transaction can benefit from the EMS+ free credit card reader.

#9 provides credit card swiper modules to those who sign-up. credit card swiper.
  • Basic functionality
  • Fraud prevention
  • Requires existing account

Small business owners are able to process credit card payments through when they sign up for the free mobile credit card reader. Individuals must first apply for merchant service in order to begin accepting credit card payments through their mobile smartphone. The credit card reader is ideal for small businesses that make direct sales while mobile.

#10 ProPay JAK

ProPay credit card readers are able to process certified payments.
ProPay JAK card swiper.
  • iOS & Android
  • Sign-up costs
  • Indirect transaction fees

ProPay offers credit card readers to small businesses interested in merchant service. However, the transaction rates are often unclear until individuals are already signing up. Since ProPay doesn’t actively disclose information about their merchant program they are ranked last on Top 10 Product Reviews.