Intuit QB Payments vs. Amazon Local Register Comparison

This is a comprehensive comparison between the Intuit QB Payments and Amazon Local Register free credit card reader. Each of these card readers are inclusive with merchant service but both feature different transaction rates and operational costs. Small business owners and entrepreneurs can benefit from the convenience that a mobile credit card reader provides.

Everyone is different when it comes to merchant processing volume. The cash amount a merchant processes in credit card payments will greatly be affected by fees and percentages charged by either company. Some credit card processing companies not only change a percentage of the transaction, but a flat fee as well. View the table below to get a fast verbatim comparison of both the QB Payments (GoPayment) and the Amazon Local Register credit card readers.

QB Payments vs. Amazon Local Register

Amazon Register
QuickBooks Compatible
yes no
Commonly Sold Items in Interface
yes no
NFC Wireless
yes no
Print Receipts
yes no
Custom Receipts
yes no
No Monthly Contract
yes yes
14-Day Hold
no yes
1.6% Per Swipe
yes no
2.75% Per Swipe
yes yes
EMV Chip Reader
yes no
iOS Compatibility
yes yes

As noted above, users of QB Payments are able to process credit card payments for only 1.6% per transaction. This is important because the 2.75% that the Amazon Local Register credit card reader charges is much higher. Individuals who are consistently taking credit card payments can benefit from a low transaction rate. QuickBooks is also compatible with QB Payments, making it very easy to manage bookkeeping data that’s automatically generated with every payment that you process.

Intuit QB Payments allows secure certified payment processing on iPhone, iPad, Android, and tablet devices.
Intuit QuickBooks Payments free credit card reader module.

One of the most important details when comparing the two credit card readers is that GoPayment is able to process credit cards that have the EMV chip embedded into them. This is a new standard of credit card processing and all banks are now required to include this chip on their credit or debit cards.

The EMV Chip Mandate

The United States government mandated that all banks embed an EMV chip within their credit and debit cards. This is a measure taken to reduce credit card fraud in the US. Merchants who fail to use the EMV chip when they accept a credit card payment will be completely liable for any fraud of misuse on the customer’s part. This means that if someone makes a purchase through you with a stolen credit card you are responsible for the financial losses. For this reason alone it’s safe to say that using the Amazon Local Register credit card reader to accept payments is a risk in itself. Contact Amazon customer support to learn more about Amazon Local Register.

The best quality about QB Payments by Intuit is that anyone can receive a free credit card reader simply by calling their point of sale team. Speak with a small business consultant by telephone and explain that you’d like a free credit card reader sent to you. Call 866-970-3120 & press 1 to learn more about receiving a free GoPayment credit card reader through Intuit’s official sales team. Get GoPayment free by calling now. Call 866-970-3120 & press 1 to signup

Amazon Local Register: 888-280-4331
QB Payments GoPayment: 866-970-3120